Sunday, July 09, 2023

Making Old Jeans New again - mySewnet

A sewing friend sent me this idea and I loved it.  I thought what a fun way to add something to a pair of jeans.  So I went to my closet and found a pair that I hadn't been wearing much.  My thought was adding this embroidery and I would wear them more oftern

So I went to create something in mySewnet but I was not finding just what I wanted in Super Designs.  So I went to the mySewnet Library

And searched crewel flowers, my idea was a 70's look and I downloaded this design

Which is a great design but too big from my 1.5" of space on the cuff of my jeans. So I used the modify feature and got this for the front

The back of the jeans is just a bit bigger so I made another design like above but added the very small flowers on the each side of the design.

Now some tips
- unsew part of the side seam of your jeans so you can lay the jeans flat in the hoop
- make sure you have the wrong side of the jeans up
-have the top of the design face the hem, looks upside down when you are stitching but remember you are going to cuff them
- write the measurements of the cuff and where you mark center from the hem.  This is four hoopings and if you are like me, you can't get to them in one setting.  Writing down the information helps get it all correct in the end.

This was a fun project and I love how it turned out

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