Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Kalle Shirt with mySewnet

All you need is LOVE and a cute shirt!  This idea came to me thinking of all things 1970's


I remember my mom hand embroidering denim shirts for myself, my brother and all my cousins one Christmas.  If I am remembering correctly, they were from Simplicity or McCall's and were iron on transfers, would that have been correct?  So with this in mind I went to Pinterest and looked up 1970's embroidered denim shirts.  I did get a few ideas from the 70's but what I found were these shirts from Sketchbook  This one was my first idea   but then I decided to go with this one .  I had this incredible
 4 oz denim shirting from Joann Fabrics.  This fabric is amazing and it is perfect drape for the Kalle by Closet Case Patterns. I did add three inches to the front and back. And I am wearing my Kalle with very high waisted jeans for reference.  

I went right to mySewnet   and went to designing.  I used Lettering, some superdesigns and some designs from the online library.  

I went with a cute bubble font and one thing I would have changed was a different color for each letter.  Since I didn't do that, I just watched the machine and changed colors at the end of each letter.

I wanted to fill the back yoke so I did a couple other designs.

I found the Kalle and easy style to sew and the instructions were easy to follow.  Well, easy to follow for the most part, there were a couple of times I was like "what do they want me to do?"  LOL

I love my new shirt, the embroidery is just so fun and I cannot believe I got this fabric at Joann Fabrics.

Disclaimer - I am a mySewnet ambassador and these opinions are mine.


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