Sunday, July 09, 2023

Embroidered Belt - mySewnet

I had this idea of an embroidered belt on denim for a project and used mySewnet to achieve the perfect results.

I added a line down the middle so I could keep my elements straight, yes, the hoop has a line but this one is just a bit darker and easier to see.  I used florals and leaves to create my design and kept the colors happy and bright.  Once I had design just like I wanted, I made sure it was ended in a good spot for the repeat.  I would have to hoop this belt several times to get it the right length.  Before saving the design, I deleted the line in the middle.

I love how this belt turned out and how it looks so good with a denim on denim outfit.

Oh the things we can create, just need that idea to start 

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