Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Green Landers

Another Lander pants.... YES!  You know when you have a good thing, just keep it going.  I am doing just that with this pattern

I just counted and this is my tenth pair, thank goodness for my blog to keep track.  I don't have two pair, wore my green ones out and the leopard pair I gave away, I am not a big fan of animal prints.

I used a Robert Kaufman twill from and I don't remember if it is Jade or Emerald but I love the color.  I have been thinking of this color since Loft had a pair in the spring, which sold out quickly.  I bought this shirt from Loft, just for these pants!  

I have done an adjustment to lengthen the crotch, see this great post on pants fitting at the Closet Core blog   For this pair I did a bit more adding of width to the inner front leg and really like the fit of these. 

Also, I tend to overfit the Landers and get them a bit too tight in the thighs.  I am so proud of myself, I resisted this and kept the fit very relaxed, like a girlfriend fit jean.  

You can tell in the photos, I don't have much of a waist definition and the stripe shirt might not be the best, but when wearing this combo, I will front tuck the shirt and I think it will be a much better look.  I could have taken the waist in a bit more but I said relaxed fit, Lori!

I went with the longer length, just feeling that length right now.  I didn't have enough fabric to add much about 3/4" and had enough to make a 1.5" hem.  I might go back and make it a 1" hem, we will see.