Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Indie Stitch Subscription Box - Ramona Shacket

Another garment from my Indie Stitch Subscription Box and I am so happy with this one

Indie Stitch is a monthly subscription box (paying for this myself) and it comes with an indie pattern printed on full size paper, fabric and everything you need to make the garment.  Think thread, buttons, needles plus a few fun goodies.

This month it was the Ramona Shacket from Petite Stitchery

Let's talk about some details and changes on this pattern.  I made a Large and I feel like the size is good.  I tend to base what garment size I make on the finished measurements, this pattern did not have that information.

I cut the cuffs, front button placket and back yoke on the bias.

I overexposed this one so you can see the pockets I matched

I also used some denim for the back of the collar, collar band, facing of the pocket flap

The pattern did not call for a yoke lining, so I used the denim for that. I did not have a big enough piece for this, so I pieced it, added a decorative stitch and a label

One other change was for the cuffs, the pattern has you gather the sleeves and attach the cuffs.  I didn't want gathers, so I went with pleats.  

The sleeves are plenty long but that is okay, I might layer with a hoodie and I feel the thicker under layer will take up some of the sleeves.

I don't love the high sides of this shacket, I am going to alter this so not so high on the sides.

This flannel is on the thinner side, so I feel more like I am wearing an oversized flannel shirt  and not the shacket type of feel but I am okay with that.  I have some flannel in my closet and plan to make this again with that fabric.

I used my Archer pattern as an extra guide for making this shirt, I felt the Petite Sitchery pattern instructions were good and had some excellent photos but there were some things that were missing.  So in those cases, I always go-to my favorite pattern in a similar garment.

Now one more Indie Stitch to catch up on, well, the one that is here and another is on the way.  The one on the way is for a skirt and I am thinking I will use that fabric for something else.  


  1. That's a great shirt/jacket. You excel at working with plaids. It looks great.

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