Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Creating for the Holidays in mySewnet

Embroidered gifts are fun anytime but I find the especially fun at the Holidays.  Here is an idea for a mug rug, ornament, gift tag, table runner or really anything you want to put embroidery on.

I have created a how-to video for this item.  I embroidered it on bamboo, no raveling and I love the texture.  The square frame is the last to stitch out, so after the running stitches, stop the embroidery.  Once the machine is stopped, remove the hoop and cover the outlined area with felt, I use tape to hold it in place.  It is a special tape I buy at my local Pfaff dealer, Satin Stitches and it is easy to remove.  Once the felt is taped on, put the hoop back on and start stitching.  After it is completed, I used my rotary cutter to trim up the design.  I leave the bamboo at this and then cut the felt close to the line.

Hope you enjoy.  Disclaimer - I am a mySewnet ambassador and do receive compensation and product for these posts.

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  1. This is such a cute project. Please tell me more about the bamboo that is stitchable. Thank you.