Friday, November 20, 2020

Hey June Union St Tee With Gathered Sleeve

I have found the t-shirt pattern I really like, now to have fun with that shirt

I took the Hey June Union St Tee which I have made several times and made some changes to the sleeve.

Before I get to the sleeve I have made a couple changes to the pattern the last couple of makes.  I have shortened it by 2 inches and graded it down a size at the waist and hips.  

Okay, the sleeve change which came from the Hey June blog.  Adrianna had posted about a Puff Sleeve Tutorial and that was my initial plan.  I went to the tutorial and Adrianna had linked a gathered sleeve tutorial .  This was more the look I wanted so I made the new sleeve pattern and a long slim cuff.  My cuff is 12 inches long, folded in have 6 inches and this helps  (in my opinion) to the fullness of the sleeve.

My fabric is recent purchase from Style Maker Fabrics' Modal Jersey Knit - Cinnamon  this is great t-shirt fabric.

My new quest is finding basics to go with some of my jackets, well this continued on with this pattern and sleeve hack.  I purchased the blue fabric also

and made another t-shirt - YEA!!!

And it goes with this vest I made in 2016, the Dropje Vest which I love but have never been able to find just the right shirt for it.  Now I have and the blue is perfect for the plaid lining.  My quest accomplished, this makes me so happy!

Two new t-shirts with fun statement sleeves and a vest which even though four years old is still like new.  This Friday is looking good!  Happy sewing!


  1. These are 2 great knit tops. I know the feeling of finally having the perfect tops for existing vests and jackets. Karen

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