Thursday, November 07, 2019

Vogue 1387 - Mustard Challis

I loved this mustard floral challis from the moment I saw it on Inside the Hem's Style Maker Fall swatch video.  The background colors, the fall colors of the florals with the touch of burgundy-pink-wine just had me

The information
Fabrics - Style Maker Fabrics' Mustard Rayon Challis which is amazing and the colors even better in person
Pattern - Vogue 1387
Buttons - from stash

I made this before - check out this blog post  and my usual one inch lengthen to sleeves and body.  This pattern has a decorative piece for the front yoke.  I didn't use it, instead used the yoke facing for the inside and outside, simpler look with this floral

You can see this piece on the line drawing

Now it had been awhile since I made the pattern and I lost the collar piece but I improvised.  You know how it is,  later in the evening and you want to start a new project.  I went into my closet grabbed the red polka dot blouse that I made before and traced off the collar.  I was a bit nervous about this but it worked out just fine.

This pattern does have higher armholes, so that feels a bit different.  Did you notice buttons in the above photo?  The pattern calls for snaps, you know the hand sewn ones.  Well, I did that once on the red polka dot and that took so much time.  Plus just a little tug and all the snaps can come undone!  I went with 7/16ths inch buttons, which fit nicely on the front band.

I love this blouse and was so happy with it after I completed it until I saw this photo. There is nothing flattering about this.  The length is just off, it widens the hips, curves under the bum and just not so good.

I am going to adjust this hem by several inches and I will be much happier with the back view.  From the side it looks just fine but I just can't get the back view out of my head!  LOL

As I have been trying to do, I have styled it a couple more ways

A green cardigan

Then my Olive Landers

What do you think of these?  I do like it tucked in and not sure I like it with the black jeans.  It might be too much of stark contrast.

This pattern is marked easy.  I don't really think of it as easy.  There are some steps that take more time and patience but slow and steady wins the race with this one.


  1. Cute, Lori! and I am so liking the color mustard right now :-)

  2. Love the blouse! I agree the back hits at a bad spot and is just too long. I like it with the black pants. It really draws the focus to the blouse print. It also looks great with the cardigan. A light, medium and dark value (blouse, cardigan, pants) really pull the look together. That black belt with the landers really makes that look fantastic too. Love these looks.

  3. Very nice blouse. I agree about the back length, a couple of inches shorter will make it look better on you.

  4. I really love that fabric! the color looks great on you too!

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