Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Nova Raglans by Sinclair Patterns - Made 7 Times

Sinclair Patterns reached out to me with the offer of a pattern, I new I wanted the Nova Raglan.  I loved the look of this Raglan and have you seen Jill's?  It is amazing, so I wanted to try this pattern

I have so many Nova Raglans to share with you, seven total and this one at the first is the only one is mine.  The rest are for my daughters.  I did try wear these for photos and now these beautiful Nova Raglans are heading to my daughters' homes.

Let's start with the pink and pink stripe knit, I found it at Wal-Mart, in the remnant section.  There were 5 yards of each.  I made three adult Novas and two toddlers.

I made another one just like mine for my youngest daughter and her daughter.  A mommy and me look.  I used the Brindille & Twig Raglan Sweatshirt.  I used the front pocket pattern from the Nova Raglan to draft a toddler size one.

Okay cute look for this daughter and I won't be wearing mine at the same time.  Three generations of the same look is just too much!

More fabric left and another Mommy-Daughter look, switching up a bit with the collar.  I did take a bit off the little girl sweatshirt, it was too long.  I also used the collar from the Nova to make the little girl collar.  I love the look of this one, too!

That fabric is gone and I am hooked on making these.  Next a sweater type knit, again from Wal-Mart, I used a bit for the neckline detail.  

To change this one up, I did not use one piece for the hem band.  I did a split hem band and cut a couple inches off the front.  Here is that detail

Next up a stripe, again from Wal-Mart.  A front pouch, cowl neck and I used the green portion of the stripe to trim the front pouch.

A close up of the neckline, great detail to dress up a sweatshirt type garment

Wal-Mart fabric has all been used up and now to some Hobby Lobby finds.  A french terry camo and a quilted knit

A closer look at this one

A bit of camo left and my oldest daughter is petite and I had enough of this to make her one.  You see the youngest three and myself are pretty close to the same size.  So her turn and this is the last one

I was given this pattern by Sinclair Patterns but the opinions are all mine.  As you can tell, this pattern won me over and I loved this pattern and loved making all the various versions.  


  1. Oh I am so glad to have found this page. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I have this pattern and have made it twice but now I think I'll be making a few more - definitely inspired by your makes.

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