Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween Fun

Meredith and I decided the morning of Halloween to dress up while handing out candy!

Now living in the country we do not have trick-or-treaters but we have been going into my daughter Erin's house.  While she takes her little guy out for Halloween fun, we stay and answer the doorbell.  Monday night the weather was beautiful and we decided dressing up and sitting on the front porch would just be the best fun.

We did some brainstorming and decided to be a king and queen!  Meredith's was easy, my wedding dress, that has been hanging in the closet for many years.  

oh, we were so young

I used some lining fabric to make a quick cape and the belt.  Added a $1.68 crown and light up scepter and Meredith was a queen.

I just thought of the cape from Meredith's 6th grade Halloween pirate costume.  Yes, I have kept costumes I have made, I can't part with them.  

Meredith suggested the Butterick 6208 pintuck blouse

and I was thinking black pants until Meredith remembered my gold Burda pants, perfect for a king!

Lastly, I needed a crown, which was found at Dollar General, in the bulletin board teacher section.  It is the red scallops used for the edges of a bulletin board.  I stapled 2 of them together and a perfect crown.

This was just so fun, I wanted to share.  My handmade wardrobe isn't just for everyday, it is for very fun occasions, too!

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  1. What fun! That's making family memories to last a lifetime. You do such fun things with your children and grands. It's the simple things!

  2. My moms favorite holiday was Halloween . So we grew up with a fun mom -you are setting a fun example for your daughters & grandkids !!

  3. .....And just like that, you had costumes pulled together! Amazing!

  4. Awesome costumes. Also I luv the wedding picture, especially the pretty hat! Happy sewing!

  5. What a good idea! It is often difficult to find fun things to do with grown up children!!

  6. Very Cute outfits! and Oh My our wedding hats