Monday, November 02, 2015

Vogue 1467 Progress

My Vogue 1467 is complete!  Woo Hoo
I participated in the Vogue 1467 sew along hosted by Meg at McCall's and 
Rachel at House of Pinheiro.  These two blogs provided such wonderful information to help construct this coat and I printed off every post for the sewalong.  Running currently with this sewalong, Erica hosted the Amazing  Sewalong with valuable information on tailoring.  One more sewalong/tutorial that started just a couple of weeks ago and I used so much information.    This sew along is from Gail at Today's Agenda and I found it invaluable.  The posts were concise, well-written, full of photographs, too.  The format made it so helpful to construct this winter jacket with concise tailoring instructions.  Take a look at Gail's blog, you will find it beyond helpful
These 4 resources helped me to make the best garment I can possibly imagine.
Let's talk about the fabric - an Italian Navy Wool Blended Coating and the lining is Viscose Lining and I fully lined the coat
The buttons are slightly larger than the recommended 7/8" but I love the look of them.  They just make a statement and look great against this dark navy fabric.  The inside buttons are these 
silver ones
I started by asking Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply about interfacing and here is her response

 I would suggest using *Pro-Weft Supreme LIGHT* to fully underline each piece,
including the sleeves, then.....if you think the 2 front panels need more support
you can fuse another layer of *Pro-Weft LIGHT* to those pieces, and also fuse a
second layer to the back (across the shoulders, in the usual place).  OR.....after
fusing the Pro-Weft LIGHT, you could add a loosely tacked layer of SEW-IN Hair
Canvas, cut on the bias instead of the second layer of fusing (that's called a
"floating chest piece"). Another option would be to use *Pro-Weft MEDIUM* to fuse
a second layer to the 2 front pieces.
I did use the Pro Weft Light and then went with a combination of Gail's and Rachel's suggestions.
Here is some inside pictures (I did trim the hair canvas better and the thread after the pictures)

I used Gail's instructions for the under collar and I can say - Wow, they are good and my collar is good!

I did catchstitch every seam on the inside except armscye.

Then one more thing was I basted the front seam to hold the front and front lining piece in place.  This really helped to keep that front even and I was able to topstitch without moving that seam.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed the process of tailoring my Vogue 1467, it was relaxing to do the steps and learn something new each time I worked on this coat.  The only time I was stressed out was making the buttonholes, I think I stitched 15 buttonholes to get 5 good ones.  My Pfaff did not like all the layers and this wool coating is thick and a bit spongy.

I liked participating in the sewalong but I did start late to the party.  I know myself, I am not good putting aside a project and working on another.  I started this coat 10 days ago and I was ready for the buttonholes on the same day Meg posted on the McCall's blog on how to do the buttonholes.

My coat is scheduled to appear on the Mood Sewing Network this week.

I am going to refer to this coat at my Royal's Coat, many nights as I worked on this coat, I listened/watched the Royals in their post-season games.  In fact, I am off to watch game 5 and ponder my next project.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished coat!

  2. And the Royals won! As did you with this great coat. Congrats on the excellent work. Thanks, too, for pointing out those tutorials. I'm tucking them away for that time....sometime...when I make a coat.

  3. Congrats to your Royals! I will certainly check out the links above I have a coat on my list and its been a while since I made a coat. Have to regroup and organize my sewing room before I start - never ending job.

  4. Forgot to ask if you have any button hole tips? They are not my fortay to start with let alone on heavier fabric.

  5. Looking forward to seeing it!

  6. I wanted to say thanks for this post. It was the final push I needed to finally put my wool winter coat on the top of the list. Your links are also very helpful. I'm currently gathering my supplies while finishing up the last of the painting old stained woodwork white. Then my coat becomes my next project (motivation to finish the painting!). I also liked seeing your time frame. It's helpful for perspective as this project has been feeling too large in my head. Your coat turned out beautiful!

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