Thursday, May 07, 2015

Polka Dot Archer and Stripe Blazer (Repeat)

My goal for 2015 is to make garments I will wear in my everyday wardrobe.  Not to say I won't sew a dress or a skirt but those are not my daily wear to work garments.  As many you know I work in agriculture so that is a more casual atmosphere and so that means knit tops, Ginger jeans and Archer shirts!  So yes, you are seeing another Archer shirt
This Archer shirt and the others I have made go great with denim jeans and my western boots!  When I saw this cotton-poplin polka dot fabric at Mood, I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough.  So happy I didn't waste anytime as it is sold out.  Here is another cute polka dot in the cotton-poplin and Mood has several other cotton-poplin options.    I am going to always look at the cotton-polin fabric, it is ,  is wonderful and my bird boxy top is this cotton- popin fabric, also.
Now back to this navy-white polka dot, I just love it - so classic and fun.  
I do think I am going to start slimming my Archers down just a bit in the middle.  I have quite a bit of fabric there.

Posing?  Oh, it is so hard but I am trying to change it up a bit and take some clues from the other sewing bloggers.  Their pictures always look so good and with that in mind, please bear with me!  Plus it takes so many photos as I am a big blinker, then you take out the ones I don't like and I am left with just a few.  I should of put on a belt with this combination but it was 85 degrees.  Plus hubby and I had been to Meredith's college, hauled all her stuff out of the dorm room - down 2 flights of stairs then home  and up one flight of stairs to her room.  I was hot.

There really isn't much more I can say about the Archer than has been said before but I love this classic style shirt and the polka dot will look great many different ways.  

One thing I can say note-taking.  I have gotten so much better about writing notes on my pattern instructions.   For example, on the Archer, I have written the exact measurements for the buttonholes. cuff details, etc.  Oh, that is so nice and easy.  

Just take a look at Pinterest when I search Navy Polka Dot blouse.  I particularly liked the blouse with mint jeans (which I have) and the blouse with a stripe blazer (which I have also)

The navy stripe blazer was one of my early makes at Mood Sewing Network and I love that blazer so much.  What do you think of the stripe and polka dot?

Just look at me in this picture - thinking about a world without Pinterest or my navy striped blazer!  I am not sure I could get dressed many mornings without ideas from Pinterest!

Maybe I need a sign for my Archer shirt obsession!

I used this site to make my sign

What about you, what is your pattern obsession?

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  1. I can't name one pattern I'm obsessed with...because I love them all! I always want to move on to the next new pattern. Your blouse turned out great- I love the fun print mixed with such a classic blouse style. It looks great with the blazer, too!

  2. Another lovely Archer! This is such a great pattern.

  3. Love the Archer! Looks fab with the mint jeans. And love the new 'do!

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Oooh! What a cute outfit- I love the polka dots and stripes together! Really fun! I need to make more Archers... I wear buttondowns almost every day, so I really should cut a few more out! Let's see, my Papercut raglan sweatshirt pattern is one I've made tons of times, and I'm also obsessed with the Alder dress. I made three last summer and can't wait to make a few more this year!

  5. I love the polka dot blouse with the stripe blazer...not sure how my mom would feel, but then again I'm wear my white jeans prior to labor day. LOL

  6. Love the stripes and dots together...both look great! Well done. :)