Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Aberdeen in a Sweater Knit

Seamwork Aberdeen shirt from Mood Fabrics' sweater knit

Seamwork Magazine is a great monthly digital sewing magazine and each month comes with two patterns that take 2 hours or less.  
Here is the pattern information 
 Purchase previous patterns here for only $7.
Or, subscribe for just $6 per month and receive two new patterns each month plus $2 off any patterns from previous issues.

I went with the Aberdeen and from the website
Aberdeen will be the most versatile, comfortable top in your closet. Aberdeen is a batwing-style tunic that fits loosely through the bust and waist, but maintains a feminine silhouette with its deep V-neck, flattering hemline, and fitted ¾-length cuffs.
The top works with your wardrobe throughout the year. Use different fabrics for different seasons – make it in a lightweight cotton jersey knit for spring and summer, or use sweater knits to pair with long-sleeved dresses, tights, and boots. Vary the style by omitting the cuffs and hemming the sleeve openings for a short-sleeved tunic. Or, keep the longer ¾-length sleeves and layer the tunic over a long tank top.
This top is incredibly easy to sew and can be completed in under two hours. In just one weekend of sewing, you can have a collection of new tops ready to go for the office, the gym, or a leisurely weekend, no matter the time of year.

It did in fact take very little time to sew and with a center back seam it was very easy to sew the neckband and have perfect results.

Seamwork Aberdeen shirt from Mood Fabrics' sweater knit

The fabric is a Mood Fabric's Abstract Sweater knit which is a bit of a different fabric.  It is highly textured, lays a bit funny and a small challenge to cut and sew.  I am so happy this was an easy pattern, I wouldn't have wanted to wrestle the fabric for a more in-depth project.  After looking the the pictures the small circles maybe should of gone at my midsection but oh, well it is still a fun top to wear.

I made the top per the instructions but since the fabric has so much texture, I opted to bind the sleeve hem and top hem.  I had just enough black ponte from Camas Blouse to bind the edges.  I did not eliminate any of the hem as I did like that bit extra in length.

So if you have a small window of time, try out this pattern, you will like the end results.
Seamwork Aberdeen shirt from Mood Fabrics' sweater knit

Sorry for the long blog break last week, my plate was very full and I needed my focus on other issues.  The sewing machines are going full steam now and we will see how this week plays out!

Happy sewing.

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  1. Love your top! I am really tempted to subscribe because I am loving most of the patterns in each issue.

    1. Thanks, Levone, one thing for sure they are instant gratification.

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