Thursday, December 11, 2014


The good and the bad today.

Hot Patterns Fontaine Cardigan was the pattern I used

for  this sweater knit from  Mood Fabrics.

and this suiting for the sleeves

Well, this project is one big wadder!.  The armscye stretched all out of shape, the flare of the bottom of the cardigan is quite pronounced and huge.  Take a look at the finished garment drawing and then the line drawing, don't you think the line drawing shows the flare and the sketch does not?  Sometimes I find that is the case on some Hot Patterns garments.  How do you feel about that?

Two positive  things, I might have enough sweater knit left to make a scarf and that  black suiting is amazing, especially for $7.99 a yard.  It would be perfect for one of the dresses from  Famous Frocks

Now to a bit more positive.

I am working on Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files

from Mood Fabrics' Stretch Twill - by Theory, similar to this navy one but more this color of blue

I am not crazy about the color of the fabric but thought this is a great way to test this pattern.  Plus, I know this blue color will look good with blacks and I will like it more with more neutral tops.

I am close to complete, belt loops, snaps at waistband and hem.

This is what I found for the next pair, which I have black twill and denim ready for more jeans

  1. I need a bit more room in the seat, not much just a bit
  2. I added 1" to the hem but with flats I don't need the extra length
  3. I made the low rise and it is low, so I did the same solution for this pair as Carolyn did with her waistband.
  4. For future, I am going to add 1" to the rise and probably 1-1/2 at center back
  5. I made the leg width on this pair between the stove pipe and skinny.  I will just go with the skinny.
  6. I omitted the rivets on this pair but will always put them on for denim fabric
  7. Topstitching, for the blue and black I will use coordinating thread but for denim always a contrast.
  8. I have a bit too much fabric just below the zipper, need to research what alteration I need to do for this.  Any suggestions?
  9. On this pair I moved the pockets up, but I think with adding more length in the rise, I will not have to move the pockets up so much.

These jeans have great instructions and illustrations, the front fly is so easy to follow.  Also, Heather Lou does a fabulous job with extra information for sewing success.

I probably will finish these on Thursday and get pics soon.  I know when I finish these, I am going straight to  the black pair.

Here is a great "worksheet" from Colette Patterns on pants fitting.


  1. Thank you, Lori. I appreciate your detail and honesty in describing your projects.

  2. I'm sorry that your cardigan was a wadder. I have a lot of trouble fitting Hot Patterns so I've stopped buying them. The HP styles are awesome so I just copy them with another pattern. The sweater knit fabric is beautiful and will be great for a scarf. My best source for pants and jeans fitting is There are several past free webcasts. The link is on the lower right side of the home page. There also is a DVD for jeans fitting and sewing which is excellent at a reasonable price (sometimes on sale for $20. I finally have jeans that fit, using the Silhouette jeans pattern. I like the style of the Ginger Jeans a lot more and, hopefully, my fitting experience can be applied to a new pattern. They are high priority on my sewing list! I look forward to seeing your completed Ginger Jean.

  3. Wadders - hate when that happens! Let me know how you like the stretch twill fabric from Theory. I've been looking for a nice fabric for pants. Can't wait to see your next pair of jeans when you get the fitting pair done.

  4. I see someone suggest the Silhouettes info already. Those resources are good. From the description, a small dart needs to be taken. The information on how can be found the freebie videos at Silhouettes. Good luck!

  5. Can't wait to see the Ginger jeans. I've been eyeing the pattern for a few weeks. Is it only digital tho? I hate printing out patterns. :(

  6. For the extra fabric under the zipper, I am also going to suggest Silhouette patterns videos. You need to take a tuck or dart starting at center front under the zipper and tapering to nothing at the side seam. Pinch and see how much needs to come out. I have tried her taper to nothing methods on other pants patterns and they really improve the fit. try it.

  7. That sweater knit looks fun! I've never made a HP before so I can't comment on that.