Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Projects, Projects and Projects

Okay, it has been a good week so far in the sewing room, several projects have been worked on and some even completed.  Included in that mix a couple of garments, bet you all thought I forgot how to do that!   LOL.

Just wanting to blog about what I have been doing, get it down to share with you and to keep myself motivated.

Let's start with my latest garment
New Look 6212, view B (upper right hand)

I am using a cotton voile from Mood, which was purchased at the beginning of summer and is sold out.  This one is going together quickly, I started it last night and hope to have it completed on Thursday evening.

Since the temperatures around here are wavering between 90 and 100 degrees, I am staying with summer sewing for a few more weeks.

I also made McCall's 6964, which was purchased after seeing Erica's shirt

I wanted to find a navy and white stripe knit to recreate this look I found on pinterest

I did not find the navy and white and went with this Mood Fabric Jersey knit

This top is finished and I love it, perfect fabric for the pattern and I made a FBA which really made the fit better.  Now to get some pictures.  I had planned on making a navy blazer but I found one at JCrew for 75% off, making it $50.  I felt that was a great price, so I will try to recreate the above look.

Lately, I have had several projects for others and I tested a pattern for Sew Sweetness and that will be shown in the about 10 days on her blog.

Here is one project I did for hire.  This quilt is 80 years old and was never finished.  I had to find some sashing which would  blend with the original sashing.  I added a row to the top and bottom, created a block for two corners.  The quilt was nice when I sent it to the long arm quilter but when I came back I was amazed.  This quilt was so gorgeous in every way and what a heirloom for my friend to have, blocks that were her grandmother's.  I sewed on the binding this weekend and the quilt is at her house now

Progress on other projects

  1. Two t-shirt quilts for my nieces, one has all the t-shirts cut.
  2. I have been binding a couple of quilts, one was Kaitlyn's first quilt and it is on her college apartment bed, I need her to send me a picture
  3. I helped a friend on a quilt, her first one and now she is hooked!
  4. Working on a quilt for our quilt club
  5. When Kaitlyn is home for college, we have been working on finishing up another quilt she started mid-summer, this one is a beauty.
  6. Finally a secret project is complete and I will tell you all about it soon.


  1. Looking forward to your tops. I have both top patterns. Beautiful quilt.

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Ooh, loving the looks of that shirt pattern! Can't wait to see it! And that quilt is GORGEOUS! What a wonderful project! My husband's grandmother gave a couple of quilt tops to my mom years ago, long before we were even dating (my husband's cousin was a dear childhood friend of my mom's, so we've always been friends with the family), and she had someone quilt it as a wedding gift for us. It was so special, especially since his grandmother passed away a few years before we were married. I really treasure that quilt and I'm sure your friend will cherish her quilt.

  3. Oh Lori, what a beautiful job on the quilt, such a treasure! You have a full sewing agenda...

  4. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Oh my, that quilt is lovely!

  5. I love the quilt and how it came to be. Can't wait to see your new tops too!

  6. Wow, you have been sewing non-stop!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing your tops. The quilt is lovely!!!