Monday, March 31, 2014

Johnny B Good Shirt on the Little Guy

I made this little shirt a couple of months ago, and the little guy just grew into it.

New thing, hands behind our back and tongue out

The pattern is Johnny B Good Hoodie/Shirt

It is a great PDF pattern, with several options.  I didn't purchase enough fabric for the long sleeve, but it looks cute layered with a a thermal t-shirt.

I used my snap press for the snaps down the front.

All in all a cute shirt, sized pretty true to size.  This is an 18 mos pattern and the fabric is from Joann's


  1. So cute! And I'm so glad you posted this now- I'm just finishing a Mccall's infant button-down shirt and I made the largest size for my little guy and will need a new pattern soon as he's growing fast!

  2. Very Cute! great job matching the plaid!

  3. Darling - he's getting so big!

  4. He is really mobile now. He looks so cute!

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    This is adorable! He's so, so cute!

  6. Great little shirt - little guy is really growing fast! I love the action shots! He looks like he's doing a modeling pose in the last one.

  7. So Adorable!!! Totes adorbs!!!