Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fall Plans - Update

On September 25th,  I posted my fall sewing plans, much of the inspiration was from Pinterest.

Well, almost 3 months later, let's see how I am doing

This isn't started, I have the plaid fabric but can't get quite the right sleeve fabric.  I think the next step is  to get some swatches from Mood, to get just the right one.

1.  I love this blazer

Pinterest link

2.  This top, honestly was forgotten until I saw the picture.  I need to get fabric and might use some brighter shades of ponte
Pinterest source

3.  This peplum top, Done check out details here

My inspiration.......
pinterest source

My interpretation...

Information  I only wear this with a cardigan, I think it looks funny on my with my "H" shape body and the small belt, but with a cardigan, I love it.

3.The leopard coat

My inspiration.....


My interpretation.......

For all the coat details, check out this blog post

4  A floral blouse - two different fabrics.

My Inspiration.....

My interpretation...  neither traditional
information on this blog post

and this floral top

information on this blog post

5. A leather trimmed top.  

I changed this up a bit and went with this type of top for my Inspiration

My Interpretation.......

you can find out details on this blog post

6. A luxe sweatshirt 

My inspiration.....

And my Interpretations........

Information on this blog post

Information on this blog post and this one is my very favorite.  I wear it quite a bit and really like the feel and the style.  The first one I will wear but it really isn't a favorite.  I don't know why but there is just something about it.

7.  This fun tunic -
My Inspiration.....
Pinterest - Burda pattern
and I really changed this up used Vogue 8925, the above pattern is the same one I had used on the luxe sweatshirts and I just didn't want to use it again.

information on this blog post.  At first I wasn't sure about this sweatshirt, but I have worn it a couple of times and it is actually quite comfortable yet a bit stylish.

7.  a jacket (either Simplicity 2250  or 2446 or Hot Patterns Riveria jacket), possibly a skirt.  From this fabric.  Actually, I have enough to make a jacket and a skirt.  Any thoughts on the jacket pattern?  I am leaning toward the 2250, I like the no lapels and the rolled up sleeves.

Mood Fabrics' brocade

What I made...

My first item was the Simplicity 2550 but it just did not work out, so I made a sleeveless blazer (vest)

I like how this looks, but honestly have not worn it yet (blog post).  So I need to give it a try and style it up a bit.
With the leftover fabric I made a skirt

and I love this, worn it on several occassions.  Information here 

8. tops made from this fabric 

The tops from the above fabric:

Blog post here .  I wear the one on the left more, with cardigans and jackets.  The one on the right hasn't been out of the closet much, I think it is the cold weather.

Well, that is my update.  With Chris, Erin and the little guy living with us while their house is being built I feel like I don't get much sewing done.  Doing this recap post has made me feel much better about my garments made.  I think I will do a winter plans post and that seems to keep me more on target.



  1. You did good with your goals! I'm sure the last few things will get made up also. Did you think about using a wool flannel for the sleeves on the jacket?

  2. Fantastic job of completing so many of your goals! It was nice to see your inspiration photos and then your completion photos one after another. You really hit the nails on the heads with your inspiration garments! I wish I could produce as much as you do at such a high skill level.

  3. You have accomplished a lot! Somehow I missed that you had your grandson with you. It would be hard to sew with such cuteness around:)

  4. I know what you mean, though I was feeling like I haven't sewn anything this year, but then I went back through my flickr photo album and saw everything I sewed and felt much better.

    From my perspective, you have sewn so much this fall!

  5. You did way better than I did with my Fall sewing plans. Hope to pick up the pace in the New Year!