Monday, September 24, 2012

Burda 7202

Description: semi- fitted dress and shirt have draped neckline and gathered shoulders. Top has attached tie front at bottom.
Sizes: 10-22 (made a size larger than Erin’s normal size to allow for the pregnancy belly)
Instructions:  They were good, especially for Burda.  I did find the order a bit interesting.  Burda has you bind the armhole, then sew the shoulder seams.  I think this is due to the fact, the front shoulder is heavily gathered.  This could be adjusted to sew the armhole binding in the round.  I was pleased my binding stitching met so nicely.

Likes/Dislikes:  Another pattern which lends itself well to maternity wear and still is very stylish.
Changes:  Erin did not want the long ties on this shirt.  That was a good thing as I was short on fabric.  Also, the back has darts which I eliminated due to the maternity aspect.
Fabric:  A Ponte knit from Joann’s.  View A the recommended fabric is jersey, view B recommended fabric is satin, crepe or rayon.  View B is cut on the bias.  I eliminated that since I was using a knit.
Conclusion:  Another great pattern for maternity and non-maternity.  I do think the dress looks a lot like Vogue 1250, what do you think?
Burda 7202
back Burda 7202
You will be seeing this fabric again, I made a dress from it before this top.  Finished it last night, waiting to have Erin try it on so I could hem it.


  1. Cute top! I like the pattern. The dress does resemble V1250, but I like this one better because of the long shaping darts/seams on the back, and no horizontal seam as V1250 has. I have shied away from that Vogue pattern, but this Burda pattern may work for me. Lori, you are the best Mom, your daughters are lucky women!

  2. Cute and stylish! Yes, the dress does resemble V1250. It seems when a pattern is popular, is shows up the a couple of places.

  3. Another wonderful piece...but may I ask what is she wearing on the bottom? Maternity skirts and pants and are you making these too?

  4. Another wonderful top!

  5. Cute top with a versatile fabric, will look great dressed up, or casual with jeans :-)

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