Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We call her Babe Ruth

This morning, my dad called and said, "How is Babe Ruth this morning?" 

Why you ask?  Kaitlyn hit not only her first home run last night but also her second!  Both over the left field fence.  The team had two games last night 4:30 and 9 p.m.  Mike couldn't make the first one and missed her first home run.  The second game, just before her first at-bat, I said hit one for your dad and she did! 

Here is a picture of her crossing the plate after the first home run, from my phone but look at that big smile. 

I asked her when she knew it was gone.  Kailtyn responded, "I was running hard to second and then saw the umpire with his hands up (signaling a home run)"

Me?  I knew on the fly and jumped off the bleachers, getting my phone ready to snap a picture. 

Kaitlyn and Meredith  have four games today and four games tomorrow, I am packing my camera! 


  1. Have a great day! Good job Babe Ruth!

  2. I love seeing girls play fastpitch softball!! My two older daughters played and my youngest is playing now. We've been at the ball diamonds for 15 summers, I have no ideal what we'll do when this is all over. :(

    I guess I'll have more time to sew!

    Good luck on your games!

  3. Congrats to the Babe! Who do you think enjoys these accomplishments more – the athlete or the athletes parents? I used to complain about attending track meets and soccer games but I loved every minute.

  4. WooHoo!!! How exciting! As a mom of an athlete, I know how thrilling it is to see your child accomplish something extraordinary on the field. Congrats to Kaitlyn! Look forward to hearing how the future games finish.

  5. Congrats proud momma! My oldest daughter loved playing softball my husband and I enjoyed every minute of it too!

  6. Congrats to your Ms. Babe Ruth!

  7. Hey that's awesome! Congratulations Kaitlin!