Monday, July 02, 2012


Thank you all for the kind comments on my dress from the last post, I appreciate each and everyone.  Many of those comments had something about my flowers and Andrea asked who was the gardener.  Well, the answer is Me!
I thought I would share some pictures today from my flower gardens.  The main one is a big “U” shape off of our deck.  But the shape is an upside down “U”.
I bought some new blue pots for the deck this year and my wave petunias are doing fantastic
Nest we step off the deck and to the left starts the biggest flower bed, which part is next to the house.
As the bed curves around you come to a water feature.  This runs very rarely as there is a hole somewhere and I have to fill it daily to run it (which I do not do).  I do like how it looks and the dry water feature is fine with me.
From the water feature, the bed curves out into the yard.  This part is what you saw in yesterday’s post.
anther view

Now there is an arbor that leads to the pergola and the swimming pool.  I have a gorgeous climbing rose on this arbor along with a clematis on each side. The clematis are gorgeous in the spring.  I usually do not have to cut the climbing rose back but after last year’s hot and dry July and August, the rose was not in the best shape.  So it is starting over
The bed now is the other leg of the “U” shape and runs parallel to the pool.  The next few pictures picture were taken from the arbor
I took some pictures from the end of the bed looking back.

At the front of the driveway I have two flowerbeds on each side.  One is beautiful and filling in so nicely, it is around our flagpole.  The other is suffering with the heat and poor soil, no pictures of that one today!
The flagpole bed is on the east side and the sun was bright this morning so the colors look a bit off.  The bed is a mix of daylilies, roses, a couple of yews, marigolds, summer phlox, black-eyed susans and Russian Sage
A closer view
Now one last bed, this one separates the house yard from the barn/machine shed yard.  A long raised bed with roses and ornamental grasses and evergreens.
Hope you enjoyed the look into my garden.  I like more of a cottage-themed garden with flowers everywhere.


  1. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. The climber looks like an old-fashioned Van Fleet. I love the scent of those. They remind me of my childhood. We had very poor luck w/ the Van Fleet. It developed some sort of uncurable disease. So now we have a yellow Banksia. Okay but not as much memory. Thanks for all the lovely pictures.

  2. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. It's just lovely! You've done a marvellous job.

  5. I love all your flowers! Our backyard is such a work in process. We are not all that great about watering either. I need to make that more of a priority, but it gets set down on the list. The pots by the front door are DEAD with all this heat. *sigh* I am not a good waterer. Luckily most don't need it! Our backyard is so wet most of the time I'm afraid they will drown.

  6. Lori,
    You have quite the green thumb!
    Your gardens are so beautiful, thank you for sharing them.

  7. Lori, your gardens are amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us! I hope I can see them in person some day!!!!

  8. Everything is beautiful!! You have many talents!!

  9. You are one industrious lady! What a beautiful garden.

  10. Wow! I now understand the name of your blog. Your garden is truly beautiful!

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