Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few questions answered

I have had a few questions in the comments lately.  I always email back but sometimes it is a non-reply blogger and I think maybe someone else has the same questions.

Hilary asked:
The only bag I've made had 6 layers of fabric on the finish out and my machine wasn't happy about that. How did you handle that? I used a denim needle w/upholstery wt. thread. Any suggestions?

I lengthened my stitch from 2.5 to 3.0, then occasionally had to sew over some of the stitching again.  I could tell some of my stitches just didn’t “stitch” the best, thus the reason for sewing over them again. I used regular thread and a 90 universal needle.

Maxi asked:
When you say you edged the armholes, etc instead of turning in, did you make bias tape from spare fabric? If so, which size would you recommend making? I'm just learning knits so please excuse what might be a daft question! :)

I did use the extra fabric, just cut it with my rotary cutter 2" wide running with the stretch.  I then measure my pattern for the neckline, armhole opening and subtract seam allowances.  Here is a tutorial I did for a neckline which can be applied to the armholes Tutorial here the only difference is for the orange dress I did not fold the binding in half.  I stitched it single layer, folded over the seam allowance, pinned and then stitched it down.  HTH.

I think that is all the questions.  Thank you all for the kind comments on my blog, in fact, Meredith loved reading all you posted about her new trench.  You made her smile the entire time she was reading.  Thank you.


I am off to Paige's today, we are cleaning and disinfecting her house for Jesse's return home.  Not sure if it will be 1 week or 2 weeks but she wants to be ready.  He has had a few rough days, expected but still  hard for him and all who love him. 


  1. Your jackets--both of them, in your previous post are beautifully done. The one for your DD is so summery. Best wishes to your daughter and her husband as he returns home. Blessings.

  2. The trench is truly beautiful. I think you're a contender for the contest with it. I'm glad Meredith has enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question about the knits, Lori. When I was looking at the pattern, I knew immediately who to ask about knits as I know you love to sew them. Thanks so much! The tutorial was great too, especially with all the pictures as I find I learn better that way. The bag info was great too as that's something I am hoping to undertake more. You are truly a great inspiration and resource!

    Hope the cleaning goes well and that Jesse's return home goes smoothly. Love and best wishes to you all xx

    ps - glad Meredith enjoyed the comments on her trench! It's absolutely fabulous and has me looking at fabric I would have probably passed by a week before!