Friday, May 04, 2012

Butterick 5606

Description:  Infinity wrap dress; Pullover dress that's close-fitting at the bust, slightly flared skirt and ties extending from the side seams which offers a variety of ways to wear the dress

Sizing: XS to XXL -  I made my daughter a Small

Instructions:  Very easy, this pattern is only 3 pieces and the total steps are four.  Butterick offers insturctions on  how to wear this dress 6 different ways.  I copied these so my daughter could have them when wearing the dress.

Likes/Dislikes:  I liked everything about this dress, which is for Erin.  She plans on packing it for her honeymoon.  I thought is would be a fun dress for her, with many options. 

The only dislike is the unhemmed tie, but it works with the various ways to wear the garment.

Changes:  Took 5 inches off the length, it was way too long on my daughter.  Also, used fabric to bind the neckline and armholes instead of turning it under.

Fabric:  Rayon lycra knit from Joann's in her favorite color.

Conclusion:  A cute dress for summer which can look different every time you wear it.

One option

Option 2 - wrapped around twice tied in front.

Option 3 - cute style


  1. Great dress for a twenty-something on their holiday. I can see it worn on the beach one minute then out to dinner with heels the next. Very versatile and nice job.

  2. Yes, definitely a perfect honeymoon dress for Erin. Well done Lori!

  3. Perfect little dress for a young woman. Love the color.

  4. Cute dress, and such a great color. Love it!

  5. What an absolutely fabulous design!! So simple and so clever, and so amazingly versatile!!
    I love it!

  6. A great one for a holiday as it won't feel like you're wearing the same dress when you change it around! Lovely! When you say you edged the armholes, etc instead of turning in, did you make bias tape from spare fabric? If so, which size would you recommend making? I'm just learning knits so please excuse what might be a daft question! :) I've seen some just turned in in the shops, and it doesn't look so neat, so I like your idea.

  7. Lucky Erin - she will love this honeymoon dress!

  8. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Beautiful job and what a perfect color. Erin is lucky to have such a great mom. I just received this pattern today in the mail and cannot wait to make it. Your photos are making me look forward to it even more.

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