Monday, April 30, 2012

Wardrobe Basic Sewalong

Time for my recap and lots of pictures of my garments.  It has been so nice to have all these basic garments in my closet and I can't wait to see your garments and outfit combinations.

Here is a collage of my wardrobe basic sewalong garments

Here is the list with the direct link to my original post

1. Ponte Pants

2. Dark Skinny Jeans- did not make, own a couple pairs

3. White Shirt

4. Black turtleneck which I subbed with red shirt but later decided too much red, so an aqua cowl

5.Camel skirt

6.Tie Waist Sweater

7. Puffy Vest - which I subbed with Red Jacket

8. Faux Fur Vest - which was not me and has been given to someone who likes this one.

9. Black Dress

My outfits are in a collage featuring each bottom piece (pants, jeans, skirt and dress).  Here we go:

My favorite?  The Riveria red jacket

My least favorite?  The khaki skirt

Favorite combination?  The black dress, boots and Riveria Jacket

For the collages I used Pic Monkey using this tutorial


  1. It all looks great! I've got a lot of it done or "in the hopper". You have me inspired. I need to get going!

  2. I loved the Red Jacket. It looks marvelous and it suits you really well. I really liked the idea of this sew-a-long and these pictures are a great inspiration to keep sewing :-)

  3. I love your wardrobe, it all looks great together. I didn't see your blog until it was too late, but this is exactly the kind of wardrobe piecing that I've had on my mind since last year. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful!! All of your pieces are really wonderful and look great together. I'm so glad that you made this SAL happen. My wardrobe thanks you!!

  5. Yay! Everything looks great! will you come take 150 pictures of me for my collage?

  6. Great wardrobe. They all go together.
    I love the black dress and red jacket.

  7. Great outfits! It's been fun to watch and read as you build your wardrobe. Thanks for taking time to take all the photos too. I know how much work it takes.