Friday, April 13, 2012

New Look 6079

Yes, after a long time with no garments for the Wardrobe Basic Sewalong, I finished my camel skirt yesterday.

Here is the pattern review
Pattern Description: Misses' skirt in three lengths and belt

Sizing: 8 to 16, I made a 10

Instructions:  They were good, gave quite a bit of basic sewing information.  Explained the pleats quite thoroughly.  In all, very good instructions which would be a good asset to the new sewer.

Changes:  I made View D with the pocket flaps from View C.  I also added a lining to the pattern.

Fabric:  A camel worsted wool from  and it is still available here  It was pretty nice to work with, hard to press and I had to sew the buttons on the flap to get the flap to lay flat.  When I was hand sewing the hem, the skirt wrinkled quite a bit.  Hoping it doesn't do that when I wear it.
The fabric is the perfect color and  a nice weight.

Conclusion:  Love my new skirt, the pleats were just what I had in my mind for the skirt.  Finding this pattern, helped to take the skirt from my imagination to reality.

Pictures with me in the skirt soon.


  1. Nice skirt Lori. I like the colour and the pocket flaps.

  2. Cute skirt, just in time for spring! With so much going on in your life right now, I don't know how you find the time to sew!

  3. I really like the lines and pleats of this skirt. I must pick that pattern up soon.

  4. I learned in a tailoring class many, many years ago when I have a fabric that is difficult to press into the desired shape, just use a little white may smell for a little while but will air out. I used to mix the vinegar with water and keep it by my ironing board. Just thought I'd share that little info.
    Glenna in TX

  5. Very cute. I really like the structure and classic style. Nice, Lori!

  6. I like the pleat style and that it's plain at the back too. Well done Lori.

  7. What a wonderful, wonderful skirt! A real classic that should serve you for years to come.