Thursday, February 23, 2012

Corded Buttonhole Tutorial

I first learned how to do this after purchasing my first Viking sewing machine.  The store gave you lessons and this is one of the things I learned during these very informative lessons.

Here is a description from the Sew News Library

To further prevent stretching, lightly cord the buttonhole. For the cording, use a matching color of topstitching thread, embroidery floss, pearl rayon or cotton, crochet thread or a double strand (for very fine fabrics, a single strand) of regular sewing thread

I took pictures from my cardigan sweater

First cut a length of thread that will match your buttonhole - fold in half.  Make sure it is plenty long
 I used my automatice buttonhole foot but the regular buttonhole foot will have the tab on the back.  Hook the loop part of the thread onto the tab.

Here is the foot on the machine with the thread hooked on the tab

 I used contrasting thread so you could see how it looks.  You will have to hold the thread stand to keep it in place as you sew.
 Lower the presser foot - one double strand of the thread will be on each side of the buttonhole.

 Start sewing, hold the thread taunt

 Here is one side of the buttonhole sewn

Completed buttonhole, you will have the loop at the far end and the loose threads at the bottom.
 Give the loose threads a pull and it pulls the thread into the buttonhole (see the loop is smaller)

Finishing pulling and all the thread is inside the buttonhole, adding stability.  Looks really great in matching thread!
 Cut the buttonhole and the results are great.  The buttonhole on the right is corded (you can see a bit of black thread)  the one on the left isn't corded and you can see it is stretched out of shape.


  1. Wow the difference between the two buttonholes is amazing! Thanks for posting the tutorial.

  2. I've always wondered what a corded buttonhole is and why you would use it. I will definitely keep this in mind whenever I work up enough bravery to make buttonholes in knits. Thanks for your hard work in the tutorial!

  3. I also never really knew or paid attention to what a corded buttonhole was for. This is great - very useful, thanks!


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