Sunday, January 01, 2012

She's 22

Erin's birthday today and time to celebrate.

Kaitlyn and Meredith made the cake, tinted a white cake and made it marbled with Erin's favorite colors - orange and aqua

Sewing note:

Working on  a jacket for me, Simplicity 2728, only one problem, I majorly cleaned my sewing room on December 23rd.  Guess what I threw away?  Yes, the pattern envelope, instructions and collar pattern pieces.  Tomorrow heading to Joann's to buy another pattern.


  1. Happy Birthday to your New Year's 'baby"!

  2. Happy Birthday Erin! And oh my, what a GORGEOUS cake! Any chance of Kaitlyn and Meredith doing a guest tutorial on those roses??

  3. So sorry to hear about the clean up/clean out problem. Hope you can find another copy of the pattern at the store.
    Love the cake. The icing looked just like a bouquet of roses!
    Please tell Erin Happy Birthday from a fellow teacher/sewer!!

  4. Happy Birthday..gorgeous cake!

  5. What a beautiful cake! They did a great job on it, and happy birthday to your daughter. :)