Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vogue 1197

Description: Semi-fitted, pullover tops A, B in two lengths have raglan sleeves shirred with elastic and two cowl variations, optional contrast cordless piping. Close-fitting, 1" seam pull-on pants C with side slits and elastic waist. All have stitched hems.

Pattern Sizing: Misses and Women's sizes based on bust 32-55.

Instructions: It is Sandra Betzina - they are great, of course.

Likes/Dislikes: Ever since reading Ann's Review and her blog post, I knew I needed this pattern.  I liked ruching, the neckline, the lengths.  My only dislike, I was short of fabric and had to make some changes to the sleeves.

Changes:  I had to shorten the sleeves due to lack of fabric.  The sleeves are shaped lik a "J" and the ruching is the lower part of the "J".  This shape takes quite a bit of fabric and I just ran short.  I cut the long length and later decided that wasn't a good look on me, so darn I could have had those long sleeves!  After adjusting the length on the sleeves, I added some ruching on the sleeves.  Another fabric, constraint was the smaller cowl neck.

Fabric:  A knit from purchased on a whim.

Conclusion:  A great top with wonderful features, quick to make and can be a great piece for your wardrobe
If you want to make view B, have 2-1/4 to 3 yards for your top.  I had just under 2 yards.
Here is Sandra Betzina's version

My top on dress form:

Cowl neck:

 Sleeve Detail

Top on me:
 This is how I wore it to work on Tuesday:
 Belted, like this much better than no belt when wearing the top only:
 thought I would try the jacket, trying to do some of the looks from Cabi Canary not sure I like it, what do you all think?

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my cape, I so appreciate it.


  1. It's a cute top Lori! I like it belted too, and since you asked - I prefer the longer jacket with it.

  2. You're so small that you can wear that top belted very well. I like it that way. And your cape is very chic!

  3. Love it, like it with belt the best.

  4. I love your new top! And, the smaller cowl. How much did you reduce it? My favorites are belted and with the long sweater, but it really looks great all ways!

  5. Lovely top! Looks great on you. Personally, I'm not partial to looks with shorter jackets over longer tops, so I prefer the look with the longer jacket. Like the belted look, too.

  6. Oh, wow, this top is wonderful. It looks SO good every way you have styled it. I think I am going to have to check out this pattern.

  7. The cowl on you doesn't look as low as on your "dummy" or on pattern envelope picture. I really like the neckline on you. Did you adjust that? Nice sleeve detail too. I also like it with the longer jacket.

  8. I think that for the *short jacket over longer top* to look *right* to my eye, your short jacket would need to be a bit shorter than it is. So, I much prefer your longer jacket version. I also like the top on it's own with the belt. I wouldn't have looked twice at this pattern based on the envelope photo - your version makes me think I'll have to check it out! Very nice!

  9. What a great way to use a plaid knit. I like it with the long jacket and definitely with the belt when you wear it w/o the jacket. Not so sure I like it with the short jacket.

  10. I like the short jacket over the top. Looks good. Very cute tunic!

  11. I already commented on PR, but had to state this again - I am in love with this top of yours.

  12. This tunic will be one of the knits in my winter collection. Love the plaid knit - I've not seen any before.

  13. I love this top! It is very stylish and looks wonderful with all your outfits!

  14. Really cute top, you have a lot of nice looks with it. I especially like it belted.

  15. Love this on you. And I love how you've styled it all those different ways!