Monday, January 03, 2011

Tile is finished

In December 2009, hubby and I painted all the old paneling and walls in the basement family room (aka man cave), you can check out the original blog post here

We needed new flooring desperately, the carpeting was old, old, old.  In November, Home Depot had a great sale on ceramic tile, so we purchased enough to do the basement and last week we were able to put down the tile (with alot of help from some friends).

Here is the new look:

The last picture, you can see the bar is gone.  We took out the bar, built a wall, added a door and now a nice closet for storage. 

I think my husband has lost his man cave - we are enjoying  this room and playing lots of new Wii games.

One other note, my new camera is amazing, it takes such incredible pictures.  I am having such fun learning and playing with it.

Tomorrow, pictures of a new long cardigan I made.


  1. Looks awesome!!!
    I love tile. sadly my husband doesn't.
    Tile makes nice places look even nicer. :D

  2. That's a very pretty space. Now, if there were only Wii sewing!

  3. Lori We put tile in the basement too. Just finished last week. I do find that it takes more frequent cleaning, but the Swifter makes that quick. I hope you love your floor as much as we enjoy ours.

  4. You're amazing Lori ... Where do you find all the energy to redecorate and sew as much as you do?

  5. Yay!!!! you gt your sewing room back! It looks fabulous, Lori!