Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top ten Garments in 2010

I saw this on a decorating blog and thought it would be fun to do it with the garments I have sewn in 2010.

1. McCall's 5717 I completed in January. 
I wore this wonderful jacket yesterday and many people commented on it and one wanted to buy it!

2.  Simplicity 2443, this was made in March and then again in white fabric in April

3. Burda 11-2006 #109 in March again.  This was made from my oldest fabric piece.  

4.  My favorite pattern ever Simplicity 4076 made in April with some ruffles added
5.  Simplicity 2369 in May
6. Jalie 2005 in September, my Anthropologie inspired top. 

7.  Also in September, McCall's 6164

8.   In August, Jalie, 2919 cardigan.  I also made the vest from this pattern for Meredith.
9.  In November, Burda 12-2008 #113

10.  Recently completed, Hot Patterns Riveria Jacket.

Now if you would like to join in, here is a Linky Party to do just that:



  1. What a great year! So many gorgeous clothes! Next year, I hope I am prolific enough to have a top ten :)

  2. You have made some amazing jackets this year!

  3. Love them all! I could just go into your closet and make myself right at home with everyone of these!

  4. I can see why these garments figure amongst your top ten. Excellent work!

  5. I can see why they are your top 10 for sure, although you have made a bunch of others that are my favorites of yours for 2010 also....maybe you should do a top 20!

  6. What a great sewing year you had! I still love that first blue jacket.

  7. You have made some great garments during the year.

  8. Lori, you've made some amazing pieces this year! The jackets are great and the innovation with the Anthropologie top is inspiring. Great work!

  9. Fabulous top 10!

  10. Thanks for highlighting these. I hadn't seen the first three. I love the turquoise jacket at the top also. I can see why someone wanted to buy it! All of the garments are so inspirational. Happy New Year!

  11. Excellent top 10! Happy new year!