Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Episode 59 has just been uploaded, here is the link for the shownotes.  I was worried working on this one, laptop battery was almost out, computer going into stand-by while I was saving.  Got it plugged in just in time, then the plug got pulled out from the electrical outlet, computer totally died.  Good news, it had saved and I did not have to record it again.  Whew!  So tell everyone to download this one and please comment on the podcast blog, would love to have the feedback.  Thanks.

Butterick pattern - 5523

I am really like this one - maybe more in a tunic length and omit the back band. I could wear a tunic to work with skinny jeans and cute boots.  What do you think, would it work as a tunic?


  1. Oh that is cute! I think it would work as a tunic if you brought the length up. I'll have to check out the podcast.

  2. I think you could make it work. It's a really cute dress.