Sunday, August 22, 2010

Turquoise and Red....

are Pantone's color picks for fall, at least that is on page 16 of my newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  Red is Kaitlyn's favorite color and her bedroom walls are more of an aqua so she is close to the hot hues for fall.   She has been wanting a new quilt, more of a fall/winter color scheme and she chose Moda's Blush for her quilt.  We picked up some yardage and a layer cake (42-10" precut squares).  I had purchased this nifty ruler while shopping with Ruth in Oklahoma City.  The instructions have you set the 10" squares together in rows, assemble it into a quilt top with 6-1/2" borders.  Here is the before:

Then you go to work with the Twister template, the quilt top will be 10" after completing.

Here is the after

Pretty darn cool, huh? This template takes ordinary to extrordinary, IMHO. It is off to the quilter tomorrow.

With the small 4-1/2" squares leftover from using the Twister template, I made a quilt for my month-old great niece (that makes me sound old!).  I added some fabrics for the border and her name on the bottom.

Next up is a new quilt for Meredith's freshly painted room, then back to garment sewing.  It was a weekend with no extra activities, so I have really been getting so much done in my sewing room, more pictures of purses/totes and notebooks to come.


  1. Lori... that is Awesome. Not sure how many times I scrolled back and forth between the 2 pics, but can't believe the transformation.

    The baby quilt is so adorable. You are my Quilting Shero :)

    I have been dragging my feet on my quilting project, I have the fabric & rulers.. I guess I'm still intimidated by the process.

  2. The change is amazing! Takes the ordinary to really something special. Love the colors.

  3. Very special, I can't imagine how it's done. Like Sheila I looked back and forth between the pictures. Beautiful result.

  4. Very cool quilt pattern!!! Love the color combination.

  5. Very cool!! I like the turquoise/red combo too.