Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jalie 2806 with Adjustments

Here is the first Jalie 2806 I made and it is a great top.  I have been wanting to try it again but the sleeves were just a bit tight on the Jalie pattern.  I took out my trusty Simplicity 4076 top and compared the sleeves, granted the sleeves on the Simplicity are a bit belled shape.  Ages ago, I had redrafted this to be a basic long sleeve.  Well, back to comparing, there is more room in the Simplicity pattern but the armsyce looked the same.  With this new knowledge, I used the Simplicity 4076 sleeve pattern and I can say it is a much better fit for me. 

Here is the new top, fabric from, a lovely border print.  I couldn't use the border since it runs the non-stretch direction!

close-up of neckline.

A bit off-topic.  Washer broke last night, repairman out and he can fix it but parts are approximately two-thirds the cost of a new washer.  New washer delivered tomorrow.  Then on the way to town about an hour ago to take the twins to basketball practice.  A flat tire!  We were a half-mile from home, so I ran home to get hubby's old farm truck.  The girls were on time to practice and four new tires were put on my SUV.  Things happen in three, not looking forward to that third thing.

Off to cut out a pattern, that will make me feel better.  New brown slacks, they will match this top.


  1. Cute top, love the print!

  2. Who says the third thing has to be a bad thing? Great print and simple but stylish cut.

  3. pretty top! i almost bought that fabric, but i am on a serious fabric diet these days.

    hope the third thing is something small and cheap. :) however, a new washer can be a good thing.

  4. The new top is so pretty and will fabulous with a new pair of brown pants. I love how you used another pattern piece to make this work for you!

    And hopefully, this will be it for you and the third thing will NOT happen!!!