Monday, January 18, 2010

Questions and Answers

There have been a few questions in the comments, so I am going to try and answer them and I am really behind, sorry.

Meg Rose wrote on the Kwik Sew top:

I would like to learn how to do that kind of neck binding. Is it a bias trim you cut yourself?
The neckline piece is straight grain with the most stretch.  I will post a tutorial soon, maybe that will help.  It is the way my dear friend, Anne of Needle Nook Fabric, taught me.

The comments on the topstitching of my jeans and some machines don't like to do that.  I have to practice with the topstitching thread and my tension, then adjust it accordingly and write that number down.  Also, it needs tweaking a bit more, depending on the number of layers I am topstitching through.

Karen Thompson wrote on the Winners and Losers of 2009:

Love your sewing choices. Please tell me what pattern you used for the blouse with the ruffles edge cuffs. Very nice.

McCall's 5471 and now that I looked it up, I don't think I made it in 2009.  Oh, well, I enjoyed wearing it in 2009! 

Robyn wrote on the Cookie post (12-20)
Lori, how many cookies does the recipe make...they look fabulous!
It depends on how big you make the crescent shapes but I can usually make 40 to 50.

Joanne M wrote on the Basement Makeover post

Did you have have to patch many dings in the wall? If so,what other preparation did you do to the walls?

No ding repair, we did use a Glidden product called Gripper to prime the walls.  Also, we let this cure for 24 hours before painting with the regular wall paint.

That is it, I think.  Sorry it took me so long.

I finished my Christine Jonson top, great patten, not so great fabric.  I will take pictures tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. MegRose is hoping you do have time to write that tutorial... Especially since she bought that same KwikSew pattern! I was feeling guilty about pushing for that, but then I remembered my mother's saying that giving goes in a straight line not a circle. I just wrote a tutorial for somebody tonight about something I know how to do . So I'm going to stop feeling guilty now (hope that is ok!)