Sunday, January 03, 2010


I have spent the last couple of days making my way through my pictures. I have done a good job of getting my pictures from my camera card to my computer but then it stops there. I have been making my way through all the files and doing a bit of work on my pictures in Photoshop. I am happy to say, I am ordering prints right now. Yea, pictures on the way but that mean scrapbooking 180 pictures, plus the stack waiting to be scrapbooked (including tons of wedding photos) on my desk area. I will get to it someday!

I wanted to share one of the pictures with you. Kaitlyn took this at the Butterfly House at Coastal Discovery Museum in July. Isn't it a beautiful picture? And it was taken with my little point and shoot Nikon.

For the most part, I have finished McCall's 5717, the wool coat and I am very pleased with it. I have to decide on buttons and then this project will be done. It took all of December and this first part of January, too much going on with the holidays and 4 birthdays in our family.

Next projects, knit tops, quick and easy for a bit.

Now a few quick resolutions:
  1. Sew More
  2. Try to scrapbook 2 pages a day until I am caught up.
  3. Menu planning
  4. And once again, Sew More


  1. Honestly, that pic looks like a professional photograph. Awesome!

  2. Casual scrapbooking is nice too. I put favorite photos with a favorite recipe in my cooking notebook. I get more views out of the photo and also I'm more inspired to use them because I know how much fun it is to look for that recipe - which I tend to recognize by the image. Yes, that notebook gets messy but eventually things do get incorporated. It's also a fun activity for a crafternoon with a friend.