Monday, December 07, 2009


I struggle decorating our big table but not this year thanks to Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas 2009 magazine. There was an article on Family Traditions and they had a beautful table and on pages 72-73 they show you how to create the look. Sorry, I can't find a picture of the magazine on the internet.

Their table has a beautiful tablecloth and the china set for the dinner, which makes it stunning. My table is just decorated but I really like the look.

The small trees came from Joann's after Thanksgiving at 75% off for a big package. The two reindeer from Pier 1. I had all the candlesticks and table runner.

My busy morning:

I just finished cleaning up water in our basement - the water softener decided to empty its entire contents on the basement floor. The shop vac and I became very acquainted this morning! Now to finish the clean up and it is back to the McCall's coat muslin.


  1. Lori, I love your posts about the Christmas decorations. They're all great, but this table is stunning. The combination of silver with blue is wonderful, like in the wreaths.

  2. That is a very stunning table.

    Sorry to hear about your water issues, that is not a fun job.

  3. Irk! It's a good thing you no longer store your magazines on the floor...