Friday, February 13, 2009

Type A or B in the Sewing Room

I have been thinking about this for a podcast and have just finished recording an episode on Type A or B personality related to us in our sewing room.

So here is a list of Type A personality traits (found on a website) and how I think they relate to sewing (the trait is in the italicized print - my interpretation is after each one)

Impatience - anxious to start and finish a project. Maybe you don't want to try a new technique because you want to finish this garment and get to the next. Also, use another notion (button, zipper,etc) because you don't have the correct one in your stash.

Has trouble relaxing - maybe you have trouble relaxing until the sewing room. The sewing room is your escape. Or you can't relax because of a sewing deadline or other projects.

Aggressive - and Has a “short fuse” - this was listed seperate but I am combining them. I think of this as short fuse or aggravated over the machines not working correctly, a difficult fabric, difficult fabric.

May get upset over small things - sewing the sleeve in for the 4th time, running out of thread and not having another spool. This may seem like small things to some but to use sewers this is big, especially at midnight!

Competitive, achievement-oriented - In a contest at PR? Want comments on your blog? Doing a sew-along? Many ways to be competitive in sewing.

Time urgency (interrupts others, becomes frustrated while waiting in line)- Limited amount of time to sew, that is time urgency. Trying to maximize output in limited time. Urgency to finish a few more winter garments before spring gets here. Not wanting to cook supper, that interrupts your sewing time.

Type B

Patient- enjoy the entire process, not in any hurry to finish the project. Patient in hand sewing, cutting, etc.

Relaxes easily- the moment you walk into your sewing room you relax totally.

Easy-going, mellow - work when you can, pleased whenever you can get into your sewing room.

May avoid confrontation - Do you avoid a certain fabric, certain garment type, zippers, hand-stitching? This would be the confrontation in the sewing room.

Not quick to anger - setting a sleeve in for the 5th time doesn't faze you.

What do you think from the list? Are you a combination of A and B? What other examples can you think of for personality types in the sewing room?

I am having trouble with my new software for the podcast. I had plans of doing the podcast in one hour and then sewing for 2-3 hours. Wrong.... I have been working on the podcast for 2.5 hours and I am still not satisfied with the audio. Oh, well, I will keep trying.


  1. Great post, Lori. Ok I'll bite. :)

    I'd say I'm Type B most of the time. I'm pretty relaxed about my sewing. Ocassionally I have a short fuse where little things will drives me nuts but not that often.

  2. P.S. I forgot to say, I like your blog's new look. I also hope you get the new software sorted out soon. Now that's something that can drive me nuts. :)

  3. I'd say I'm a mix of both. Do you think procrastination over starting a project counts as avoiding conflict? ;)

  4. Interesting question. I can't wait to hear the podcast on this topic.

    I'm more Type B is sewing. I used to be a Type A in the other aspects of my life, but as I'm maturing, I'm getting to be a Type B in everything.

  5. Age 15-25: Totally Type A

    Present age: Mostly B, but with occasional flareups of Type A.

  6. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Can I be type B? I am afraid I am type A now that the kids take up so much of my time. Although, I do not mind setting in a sleeve for the 5th time, and I love to handsew when I can.

  7. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I'm usually type B - although I find myself more type A when sewing for others or making items to sell.

  8. At work I am truly a Type A, but with age and wisdom(?) I am heading toward Type B. I am a combo when it comes to sewing. And I like your new blog look also.

  9. My initial reaction to reading about setting a sleeve in 4 times was "that would drive me crazy" so I must be type A although I'm really not competitive with my sewing. Frankly I don't ever want to fix supper but especially not when I'm on a roll in the sewing room. Sometimes it's hard to get in there so when I do I don't want to "have" to leave.

  10. I am an AB with more B than A. I have some A flareups - I can go nuts when something goes wrong because I don't think I have the time to fix it, and I find it difficult to find the motivation for correcting mistakes if it takes a long time or I don't have a clear picture in my mind of how to fix it.

  11. I just finished listening to your latest podcast as I was sewing. I managed to melt part of the hem of my synthetic blend fabric as I was adding steam-a-seam and it didn't bother me, so put be in the B category. One of the nice things I've noticed about getting older is the ability to discard those A tendencies.