Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clean Finish Facings

When I was making my Hot Patterns top and it called for an interfaced facing. I wanted a finished edge on this facing but my serger thread wasn't even close. So I used a technique I have read about in sewing magazines and also was taught in one of my ASG classes this past summer.

First you need fusible interfacing for this technique. Cut out the facing and the interfacing.

Line up wrong side of interfacing (the non-fusible side) to the right side of your fabric.
Then sew a scant 1/4" seam allowance on the outside edge of the facing.

Line the edges up even, I was having trouble holding my fabric and the camera.

Take this piece to the ironing board - but no pressing yet. Turn the interfacing to the wrong side of the facing, the fusible side will meet the wrong side of the fashion fabric. I then work the seam allowance between my fingers to get a smooth edge.

Here is the wrong side, a bit of the fashion fabric is showing.

From the right side, you will not see any interfacing.

Now it is time to press. Remember press only, lift the iron, place it down on the fabric and press for the amount of time as indicated on your interfacing instructions. After this amount of time, lift the iron to a new area of your fashion fabric and press again. Continue until the entire facing is fused.

Ta-da - a nice finished edge. No raw edges or mis-matched threads. Doesn't it look nice?


  1. Great technique, very clean. CAn't wait to try it.

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Yes, as Lauralo says, trying this soon!

  3. Interesting technique. I want to see the garment you used it in to get the big picture. And glad you like the top on you.

  4. Very cool technique - I'll definitely give that a try. So much more professional than sergeing the edge (as I always do).

  5. I like that facing technique. I could have used it on the last blouse I made. With that unfortunate incident in my past, I may remember it the next time. There are lots of tutorials floating around the blogosphere now. They are all very helpful. God bless generous, knowledgeable sewers.

  6. Yes, lovely technique, I tried it once before. Thanks for reminding of it.
    May I include a link on my sewing tutorials list?

  7. Very clever. Now hopefully I remember this the next time I'm doing an interfaced facing...

  8. Really good tutorial showing this technique! I just love the clean edge I get when using this method!

    Pam, from ~Off the Cuff Style~

  9. Great technique! Thank you for the tute!!

  10. great tutorial, tfs it with us!

  11. Great tutorial, Lori! Thank you! I'm going to use that on the next neck facing that I do for a blouse or dress. I just fused the interfacing to a neck facing last night, and I wish that I would have read your blog first! :-)

    Thank you again for a great podcast, too. You help keep me inspired to sew!

  12. I'm so impressed with your sewing. It has been years since I have sewn any garments. My mother made all our clothing, even coats. I may be ready to start sewing again!

    Carol * in Oklahoma

  13. Great tutorial and method for a clean edge. Thanks, C

  14. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I like your blog too and going to use this method. very nice job keep update posts...

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  15. Thanks for sharing! I just used it on a Craftsy jacket and it looks awesome :-)

  16. I like this finish! Linda Lee teaches this also. Barb

  17. I like this finish! Linda Lee teaches this also. Barb

  18. clever!!!!worth trying!!


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