Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pattern Revew - New Look 6815

Pattern: New Look 6815

Description: Jacket, dress, blouse. Also included in the pattern is a pants pattern.

Sizing: 10 to 22, I made a 12.

Instructions: They were good, I took a few detours along the way but the instructions were very helpful and easy to read.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the pattern when I purchased it. I had been looking for something to make this Michael Kors jacket.

I had torn this ad from Lucky magazine several months back.

The magazine picture, fabric and pattern have been on my cutting table most of the summer. I hope I have not missed the safari trend!

Another like is how easy this pattern went together.

Changes: I used the Michael Kor’s jacket from inspiration and I also used Stella McCartney jacket for more inspiration. I went back and forth to my computer today for ideas and placement.

I wanted the roll-up look of the sleeves with the tab.

I added topsitching and edgestitching to the cuffs of the sleeves to finish them. Also, I added edgestitching to the collar and front.

My jacket is longer than the model’s photo and the Michael Kors inspiration. I wasn’t sure about this and I pinned up an inch at the waistline to see if the shorter was better. It did not look right on my, so I left the longer length. That might be something others want to measure before cutting.

The jacket looked too plain and not safari inspired without the upper pockets. I used the New Look pocket and pocket flap piece which were included for the lower pockets. I folded out length and width from the pattern piece until I was happy with the size. On the flap, I only folded out width.

A couple of other things I had to do:
Baste my pockets, fabric is moleskin and it didn’t hold a press the best. The basting helped to keep the pocket shape while I pinned it to the garment and stitched it in place

Interfaced the belt. My interfacing was the perfect weight for the entire project. You could tell it did not change the hand of my fabric just added substance. I purchased this from Fashion Sewing Supply
The moleskin also needed a bit more edgestitching to keep it in place. You can see that on the cuff of the sleeve. I edgestitched the bottom edge to hold the cuff in place.

Fabric: A moleskin from Needle Nook Fabrics. Anne suggested this fabric for the weight and the wrong side is great for unlined garments. Another plus it doesn't wrinkle.

Conclusion: A fantastic pattern with great results. I spent all day in the sewing room working on this and I am very happy with how it turned out. My question to you, can I put a long sleeve shirt under it and wear for cooler days? I see that trend with other short sleeve jackets and hope it will work with the safari look. So fashionistas speak up!


  1. this looks so good, can't wait to see you in it, I love the color of it too, you will have this for a very long time

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    In all honesty???????? Yours looks better than the pattern pic, the Kors and the Lucky.

  3. I agree with Meg!
    Love it!

  4. Hi came across your blog though PatterReview. Love your jacket. Great work. Very neatly done. Great job.:)

  5. Lovely Lori, it's a winner. Great jacket.

  6. Oh Lori, how funny, I will be posting a review this week and it's also a Michael Kors tribute! (Though not a safari jacket.) This is fabulous as always. Great work.

  7. Yes, you can definitely layer this over long-sleeved tees and turtlenecks. This is really a three-season jacket.

  8. Love it - and great idea using moleskin, too. It's nice that it won't wrinkle now. You can definitely layer it, too, so go right ahead!

  9. Lori..what a fabulous jacket!


  10. LOVE IT! That is a gorgeous jacket!!!