Thursday, August 28, 2008

End of Summer

Stacy has Theme Thursdays and I have been very lapse in my participation. This week's theme is favorite photos from summer. I went looking and found something quite surprising.... I did not take many pictures of my girls. This was an enlightening moment, the camera has got to come out more. I think part of the reason is we just hung out at home and went swimming. So here are a couple of my favorite photos, just the twins and remember they are 13 year olds, sometimes grown-up and sometimes silly. These are silly photographs


  1. They're wonderful silly photos. I love that first one. Are you really going to take that picture? As the focus went to the background rather than the foreground. ;)

    I bet you had an excellent and fun summer regardless of how often the camera came out.

  2. Love both of these photos - your girls are beautiful. :) I really like the focus in the background on the first one, too. Love the expressions. :)

    And yes, you need to get that camera out more. ;)

  3. It looks like you had such fun!