Thursday, June 05, 2008

BWOF 5/2008 #103

Pattern Review

Pattern:5/2008 #103

Description: You’ll be right on the fashion mark in this clingy jersey top that's furnished with a self-fabric belt cleverly constructed as a wrapover section - slim silhouette guaranteed

Sizing: 34 to 42, I made a 38

Instructions: The instructions were pretty good. I agree with Karen, the loop instructions are quite wordy, it is easier to do your own thing.

Likes/Dislikes: Let’s start with dislikes: take a look at the picture of the model, see the the cut of the fabric under the wrapover section?

Well, the front piece goes up and has a nice angle cut. This is great if you haven’t had 4 kids and want to show of your navel! That is the only true dislike, I am not sure about the gathers at the midsection on the front but I can live with those.

I really like the wrap and the general look of the top.

Changes: First change was adding sleeves, my workplace is always freezing so I had to have some sort of sleeves. I compared the armholes on this pattern to my Simplicity 4076 and they were the same so I just used that sleeve pattern. Next, the navel issue. I cut this out before my DC/NYC trip and forgot about Karen’s review. As I was reading the directions for the front, the light bulb came on in my head and I realized I didn’t want the peek-a-boo look. My solution was to finish all the sewing on the front section, then cut the bottom straight across right at the “V”. I then matched my fabric with the front section and added the correct length. The seam is hidden behind the wrapover section. Hope this is clear.

BWOF has you line the front and back sections, this is a great idea if you are making the sleeveless version. I cut out these sections and sewed the lining to the top at the neck edge. That was quite a bit of extra fabric, especially for hot and humid Missouri, I won’t be in the office all the time, right. I used my coverstitch and topstitched around the neck edge and then trimmed close to this stitching.

Fabric: Beautiful knit from Hancock’s Fabrics.

Conclusion: A cute top with unique designs. I don’t know if I will make it again, I will wear it but not sure it is my favorite. I think the gathers might be one of the issues as I look at the picture. The add bulk there and I really have a relatively flat stomach. Oh, and I didn't style my hair that way, it was very windy

Some garden shots:


  1. Lori, I must disagree with the comment you left on MaryBeth's blog about your blog not being one of the must-read one. Not so for me! It's definitely on my must-read list.

  2. Lori, I read your blog also. I enjoy your inspirations. Now, on that top, the gathers are a design detail, and don't look like fat on you at all. They just look like a neat draped detail, and it is flattering and interesting. Think 3D instead of the 2D one sees in a mirror. Now if you had muffin top, that would be a whole different story. But you don't, you do look slim.


  3. Ohhh, *really* like this. I love that it's not peekabo and what a great way to highlight the tie using a contrast. Otherwise, it might have gotten lost in the print, eh? Super super cute.

  4. What a cute top Lori! So glad you fixed the peek-a-boo effect. Interesting how BWOF hids that "feature". I don't want my tummy showing either - I'm not 17 anymore! lol

  5. Cute top- and I really dig you hair!! And what spectacular flowers... I can't garden if my life depended on it. Everything I touch is forever doomed :-(

  6. Lovely top, I want to try it too. Like Cidell already said, it's nice with the contrast detail.
    Those flower pictures are good, I am enjoying my roses in bloom too now. As for the delphinums, I adore them, but with me they always get eaten by snails as soon as they show their first green, I gave up on them.

  7. The top is cute and the flowers are beautiful.

  8. What a cute top! Thanks for posting a bigger pic here. And what a lovely garden! I love gardening, too!

  9. I love this top! Your version looks wonderful! I love the roses in the background.

  10. Lori, That top is too cute and it's looks great on you.

  11. Well I have had only two kids, and I could never wear a shirt like that. You on the other hand look great in it. I really love the jersey you used, and it really does look great on you.

  12. Your top is gorgeous and despite what you think the gathers don't hid your obviously flat stomach, they really just show up as a very flattering design feature. I saw your blog by accident yesterday and then closed it without keeping a link. I tried for several hours to follow what I'd done without any luck and here on PR today I found you again. I would never have recognised the top you sewed from the Burda picture - yours is so much better.

  13. I love it with sleeves! I made the dress (mod104) that uses the same pattern and I may also sew this top in the future!