Friday, May 02, 2008

Quick Post and Picture and Catch-up

I am going to try and post each day in May (for the rest of May), as I have been such a bad blogger these last two weeks.

First, my latest project, BWOF 3/2008, #113, I will write the review tomorrow.

Today, I went to my 4th track meet of the week. Let's see, two for the twins, today for my niece, one for senior daughter and then senior daughter has district track meet tomorrow. That will be track meet number 5! I am tired but the twins are done and senior daughter can be done anytime. She has to place in the top four of her events to advance onto sectionals.

I did swing by a Hancock's today and did some shopping. I bought 3 different fabrics, some serger thread, two zippers and Kwik Sew 3558. I bought some silk wool at Hancock's to make the short sleeve version. Check out the back. I noticed this one in the latest Threads.
Thanks for the kind comments on Erin's prom dress, no I did not make it. We purchased it way back in January, she tried on several and didn't like them too much. Then she tried on this one and she knew it was the one.


  1. Very cute top! I love that fabric!!!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    this is stunning, that fabric is really beautiful and that jacket back detail is really pretty too

  3. adorable top! I love the print; it's very spring-like :) Also, I was out last night and that jacket pattern looks just like one I saw in the window display at White House Black Market. They did it in a khaki/safari type textured fabric, but the lines are very similar. Perhaps their lapel was wider...It will be lovley on you! What color silky wool did you get from hancocks? I saw the purple & green stripes and I just about died they were so cute!

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Okay, what is silk wool? or is it silky wool? The only Hancocks left in the valley is at least 30 miles away, and with gas prices continuing to climb, I need a REALLY good reason to go there, but silk wool sounds like a good reason to go -- even if wool is not something I buy much of living here. Love the the top - youngest dd would love it too, as she's so into dots.

  5. Rosanne - my silk wool is aqua color.

    Design dreamer, the bolt listed it as silk wool. It feels just a bit heavier than wool but none of the texture of wool. It is lovely feeling and has such a nice hand.

  6. Beautiful top! I have my eye on this one! Love the fabric too!