Sunday, March 16, 2008

Burda World of Fashion 1/2008 #122 Artist's Shirt

Pattern Review

Pattern: Artist’s Shirt from BWOF 1/2008 #122

Description: From Burda’s website: This wide blouse in sporty polo-shirt style is ideal for wearing over trousers/pants. The wide 3/4-length sleeves have narrow cuffs to gather in the fabric and conjure up a restrained "boule look".

Sizing: 36 to 42, I made a 38

Instructions: The instructions were really pretty good for Burda World of Fashion. You can find Pattern Review
for this shirt on Pattern Review and I suggest taking a look at these for helpful hints. I did go to Brigitte website via a link on Pattern Review for help with the placket. Brigitte has a very helpful tutorial. I decided to thread trace the pleats and used different color of thread for the pair. Here is a picture:

This made the construction of the pleats very easy. I also traced the sewing lines on the bands. The placket and the front bands are an important detail on this shirt and I wanted my bands to match and be the same width.

Likes/Dislikes: I love the style of the shirt and the way it goes together. It does help if you trace and cut out all the pattern pieces. I left out one of the sleeve pieces and was so happy I had enough fabric to cut it out. My only dislike it the placket is last. The most difficult part of the blouse and you could ruin the entire blouse on the last step!

Changes: I had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Khalje for the Episode 25 of the Sew Forth Now Podcast and her enthusiasm for couture and finishing details inspired me on this top. I flat felled the seams and I have to say the inside of my top looks incredible. There were times during the construction, I would really have to look closely to differentiate the right and wrong side. Take a look at the wrong side:

I also added 1" to the sleeves and 4" to the length.

Fabric: A wonderful shirting from Fashion Fabrics Club

Conclusion: Very fun pattern, it was a bit more difficult to construct. I did enjoy the process, at time BWOF is similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you can’t wait to see the end result. Speaking of end results, here is mine:


  1. Great result Lori, it's beautiful. And those flat felled seams seem to be everywhere at the moment. I am waiting for my special foot to arrive, seeing results like this made me want one too.

  2. Love it! any way to change the order of construction so the placket is earlier? Maybe everything on the bodice, the placket, then the sleeves?

  3. That is so cute!

  4. very nice lori! looks great for and crisp.


  5. This top is such a winner. Cute!

  6. Beautiful top and great finishing!

  7. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hey Lori! I love this shirt! Do you think it would be difficult to make it roomy enough for a maternity top? I'm thinking it is the perfect style for the early months when the transition from barely showing to slightly pregnant makes you just look like you are fat! I'm asking because YES!! I am looking forward to a new grandchild! I'm hoping against hope for another little girl, but we shall see what we are meant to have! I love my boys too, but the balance is decidedly on the testosterone side with 6 boys to 3 girls. And dd#3 would love to have a little girl at last!

  8. Lori, very lovely top! It looks so nice and soft. Neckline is great!

  9. Very pretty blouse Lori! Can't wait to listen to the Susan K. podcast!

  10. Beautiful blouse, Lori!

  11. Fabulous work, Lori! The blouse looks wonderful!