Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Simplicity 4076 with a Bit Extra

I love Simplicity 4076

and have sewn it several times, only the view with the gathered neckline (bottom two pictures on the pattern envelope). Well, I have this wonderful fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics and want to make a knit shirt but this fabric needed a great design. I was looking throught some magazines and college daughter asked what I was looking for. I told her a great top to inspire some sewing. We talked for a bit about what I was looking for in my inspiration. She had the perfect top in her closet. a Christmas present from her boyfriend. It was from Anthropologie and here is a picture:

I loved the shirring and started thinking about how I could do this. Well, I dug in my pattern cabinet and found Vogue 8181.

I used the shirring from the Vogue dress on my top. I redrafted the Simplicity pattern by lowering the neckline the width of Vogue's shirred piece. The shirring was gathered and attached to the bodice of Simplicity 4076. I then gathered the top of the shirring and basted on the binding from the Simplicity pattern. A quick fitting of the neckline proved the shirring was good, binding was just right, so serged the binding to the shirring and then a bit of hand-sewing to tack down the binding to the wrong side.

A bow added to finish it off.

I was going to bell out the sleeves, add elastic inside the black fabric (made it a casing) but I really didn't like this look. So out came the elastic, the sleeves straightened. I do like the black fabric for a bit of detail.

Shirring on the back.

I love my new top and the process to reach it.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Very cute - I love the shirring around the neckline, it gives it so much detail (and I love the fabric too)!

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    i looked at this top on anthropologie....i might ping you for me details if i get around to making it. your version looks good!


  3. Anonymous7:02 PM

    That top is absolutely beautiful!! You are so clever...
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Wow, this is great. You are so creative! Your dd has good taste too. :)

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Great idea - the shirring really makes that shirt "wow".

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    fabulous top lori!!! your sewing is getting better and better -- you are sooo creative.

  7. Very beautiful top! I like the colours and the contrasting bands

  8. what a great top! You did a great job on redrafting it to make the design you wanted. Love the fabric, too.

  9. Clever! I love how you morphed the two designs. The shirring is terrific and I agree that the contrasting fabric adds a great touch. Great top, Lori!

  10. Very clever! It sounds fairly easy to do, I'm going to have to keep that in my mental file cabinet. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Gorgeous top - great fabric and what neat details!

  12. Like how you waited for the inspiration to create the top of your dreams. Your persistence has paid off!

  13. That's a fabulous top!!

  14. Outstanding! I love how this top turned out!