Friday, January 11, 2008

My Kitchen Remodel

My kitchen is finished and I am loving it. So here are some before and after photos to check it all out. This is the before - blue was the theme, can you tell?

Now for the after:

New items:
countertops, lighting, sink, faucet and knobs on cabinets
Here is the country trim above the sink and window. My ideas was to remove this and use the crown molding to frame out the cabinets. I thought it would help bring more sunlight into the kitchen. This is the only window in my kitchen and it is on the north.
Here is the after. Not a great picture sorry but it was I wanted, more natural light.
I have always wanted a bar area for stools. Somewhere for a quick breakfast, lunch, snack or homework. My contractor and I thought it would work at the end of the counter. Just to the left of the picture is the entrance to our great room (an addition).
Here is the bar area, this is my favorite part. I ordered the stools from Bar Stools and college girl helped me put them together. I am a bit challenged in this area and lucky for me she is still home for Christmas break. BTW, she leaves tomorrow and I am really, really going to miss her.

Let's talk lighting, are you just loving this flourescent fixture? I am so happy it is gone.
The after, these fixtures came from Home Depot in the track lighting department. The bulbs are halogen and really put out some great lighting. My contractor put them on a dimmer, which is a nice touch. The small lights can tilt different directions and you can turn the lighting all around. Notice the two fixtures are at right angles, but I can turn the far one and make them a straight line.
Here is the breakfast nook. The only change here is the pictures. I brought them in from another room. The walls in my kitchen are painted a soft yellow faux finish.

My dear husband didn't want to do this, he thought our kitchen was fine and we didn't need to do anything until the twins went to college. That is 6 years and I just couldn't wait that long. Last night he admitted the kitchen was really nice, he still doesn't think we needed a change but does like it. I will take that!
A funny story:
Hubby and I were shopping for the lighting, sink and faucet. I went to buy something and hubby said that won't work. I said, "yes, it will, the contractor said it would." Hubby laughed and said, "I think you love the contractor more than me, he will do whatever you want." I laughed, denied that and reminded hubby, we are paying the contractor!


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    It looks gorgeous! Enjoy your 'new' kitchen!

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    removing that trim over the window made a huge difference! it looks so different and you didn't even have to change the cabinets or the appliances.


  3. Awesome makeover!! I'm so jealous you have a finished kitchen. I'm STILL w/o floors or crown molding in mine. One of these days ... LOL! Love the bar addition and the stools. Enjoy spending time in your new surroundings.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the counters and the lighting! I had to look twice to see that you didn't need to change the cabinets -- the new counters made that much of a difference.

  5. Oh Lori! Congratulations - your kitchen is beautiful! I'm sure you're very excited to have all the workers gone, too. LOL.

  6. Gorgeous *new* kitchen!! Happy cooking, I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many many years - a good investment for your DH if he wants some good home cookin'! ;-)

  7. That looks great! We spend so much time in the kitchen, it is nice when we have the space we want. I am still waiting on mine unfortunately...