Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Pair of Ottobre Jeans

First off, I love this pattern, the jeans fit great. Here is the post for the first pair. This time I only did the patch back pocket and topstitched in brown thread. The denim faded a bit with the first washing, so I thought after a few washings the dark brown thread will be more noticeable.

Changes from the first:
I am wearing my first pair (that helped me while making the brown ones today). I thought I would mind the higher waist (just under the navel) but I don't mind that, so I left the brown pair the same. I did take some of the hip curve out while cutting the brown pair. That worked, this pair needed no adjustments in the hips. I do think I will have to take in the waist 1/2" next time. Yes, there will be a next time, these jeans cost $20 and the first pair about $4. For once, I am saving money while sewing!!!

The brown denim came from Gorgeous Fabric but I don't see it on her sight. Sorry, it is nice fabric.

I had my Onion top on today - so you get to see that modeled. The browns don't match so I won't be wearing these together. I had to lighten the dark in Photoshop quite a bit so you could see the jeans a bit better.

I took one more photo while the tripod was set up. This is the Project Runway jacket - Simplicity pattern

I really don't like it on that much. The sleeves hit in a bad spot, and the jacket doesn't do much for my "H" figure. Any thoughts? I might be giving this one away.

Now off to get my hair colored and cut


  1. Your new jeans and the Onion top look great.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jeans and Onion top! I must try those jeans, tho I have four pairs from JCPenney that I love - you know when you find a good fitting pairing you should pick up a few extras! LOL ;-) I'm not sure about the jacket. I think it would be easier to tell if it was a full body shot of you. Toss it in your closet and bring it out in a few weeks and see if you like it better. I think it looks really nice, but I understand your concern completely. Beautiful garments Lori!

  3. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Your jeans look GREAT!! And the Onion top is so cute!

    I'm not sure about the jacket either - you should post a full body shot too, maybe we could tell better?

  4. Great job with the jeans!

    I can't tell about the jacket either; the details don't show in the picture. Black is really hard to photograph...

  5. Great, great jeans!
    It's difficult to tell for the jacket. It's true that maybe a full body shot would help. Besides, I am biased (and confused) because I wanted to make the jacket for spring as well. And now I don't know what to think! It does look cute. I'm looking forward to seeing what others may say and to reading your review. :)

  6. Those jeans are so cute. And of course, you know how much I like that top! (BTW, I DID go back to JoAnn's and buy that fabric. Hee hee.) The outfit is a great look on you.

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  8. Lori, your jeans look great! One day I'll try this pattern, one day. :)

    I also like your jacket. Have you considered wearing the jacket open? I'm also a H figure type and if I ever sew my version :) I plan to wear it open.

    P.S. Sorry, the previous comment was mine with terrible typos, so I decided to try again so at least you could understand what I wrote. :)