Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Mother's Day present in progress

I know Mother's Day has passed but my present is in progress. Remember the stamped concrete from a previous post? Well, we are building a pergola over it. A family project but mostly hubby and me!! Here I am putting in some screws, love the cheesy grin? The wind felt like a Kansas wind today, no offense Stacy and Anne. You can tell the gusts from my lovely hair.
My husband measuring and contemplating

Fixing the drill for me
The frame

Top of the pergola
The almost finished project. Hubby has two more crossbeams at the top to do and it is complete
Almost is the key word, we do have furniture but are still looking for a firepit, then there are big pots, plants, accessories. I need to go to the nursery and talk vining plants - wisteria, maybe. I love my Mother's Day present!!


  1. What a pretty gift, and handy husband! I always love looking at your yard. You have such a green thumb.

  2. What a nice Mother's Day gift. It would have been even better if you didn't have to assemble it yourself!

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    You and your hubby are doing a great job! What a wonderful gift. Let me caution you on planting wisteria there. I have seen it overtake many structures. I might consider a climbing rose, clematis, or other climber instead of the wisteria. Or if you go with it, keep at it with the pruners! I'd hate to see your hard work ruined.

  4. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I've read your reviews on PR in the past, but I just recently discovered your blog. I spent waaaay too much time today reading your posts. Wow! I went to your list of reviews, and WOW! What a lot of sewing you do!!!! AND you work part-time, AND you garden!!! AND you blog!!! I like most everything you've done a review on! Well. I haven't looked at MOST of the 100+ reviews, but sew far, I've liked a lot of what you've done. It seems we have other things in common, I also have 4 children, 3 daughters. The oldest dd just finished her first year of college - she was an athelete in high school (as was my son) - I so miss attending their games, my middle dd just finished her sophomore year, and I have 10 yo dd. Aren't girls fun to sew for?

  5. Lori, the new pergola looks great!! You and DH did a fantastic job. I love the windswept photo. :)