Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Meet Macy

Here is our new puppy and she went for shots today. We think she is a beagle (obviously) and lab mix, they weren't sure about the daddy!! The vet thinks she will be big, so a large dog that looks like a beagle, should be entertaining. Macy is a wonderful puppy and hasn't been too mischievous yet.


  1. Aww, have fun. My 17 yr old pup is still hanging on and it makes me sad to think of the day coming when we don't have a dog.

  2. So cute!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wickscraft@shaw.ca10:21 PM

    Such a pretty little dog! She looks so lovable and cuddly.
    Donna Wicks
    Edmonton, Alberta

  4. She's a cutie! Enjoy!