Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sping Inside

The skort is complete for my niece's birthday. I love the fabric so spring-like much nicer than our actual weather of blowing snow! The fabric is from Joann's and the trim is elastic from Needle Nook Fabric. I sent Anne a swatch and copy of the Ottobre picture to match a knit for the top and she called me. Conversation went a bit like this:

Anne: Do you have trim for the skort , Lori?
Lori: Are you kidding, I haven't even thought past starting the skirt!!
Anne: Well, I have the perfect elastic that will wonderful.
Lori: Yea, send me 2 yards, please.

Anne was right, as always, it was perfect. Thank you, Anne. The skort is Ottobre 1/2007 #37 with a couple of changes. I used a snap on the back pocket instead of velcro and I used a snap on the skort front instead of a tab and belt hardware. I thought my niece would have much better luck with a snap and weaving a tab through 2 belt hardware pieces. The rectangle in the upper left of the skort front is a matching skirt for her American Girl doll. I used a skirt pattern and added a flap to make a faux skort. The doll skirt looks a bit too rectangle but it fits my doll form okay and the AG dolls are thicker in their waist.

Now onto the t-shirt, I have 8 days until the party. I am in great shape!!


  1. That is very cute...I love the fabric choice and the trim works so well!

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I'm living Vicariously...