Sunday, February 18, 2007

Take One, Take Two - Cut

Remember in my last post, I was planning to make the Christine Jonson Shired top (yellow one in picture)? Well, I cut my wonderful black and white knit from Textile Studio, made this top and didn't like it at all. The bodice is two layers, then the bottom is several layers and all that shirring. No, not me at all. I proceeded to cut my top apart and decide what to make with my small fabric pieces. I went through all my patterns, no possibilities, stood at my cutting table trying to decide what to do. Bam, the other view of this pattern. It has the side front pieces, perfect for a solid black. I redrafted the back to have side pattern pieces, a must when working with little pieces of fabric!!! I had to piece my fabric together for the front and back but my sleeves were fine from the shirred view. I decided the piecing needed something so I did some coversitching and sewed it wrong side up. So after take one, take two is a winner and another knit top for my closet



  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Wow Lori, great save! Like many design opportunities, the final garment is better than the original idea. :) If you hadn't told me it was a "save" I would have thought the piecing was intentional.

  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    What a great save! I agree, I don't care for the original top, but the second one is, WOW! I love how all the piecing works with this top.

  3. Another agreement for a great save! I love what you did with the piecing. Very "deconstructed RTW" looking. I bet one or more of your daughters will steal this one.

  4. I have this pattern too....and am not sure about the shirred top. love the wrap top, but the shirred one could easily be too bulky w/ so much fabric. i think the only way it could work is with a very, very thin knit...buttermilk or onion skin. however, the base of the shirred top makes a wonderful top. here's my version