Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Swapping Fabric

I have been looking at my stash fabric and realizing I wasn't going to sew some of it up, not really me, shouldn't have bought it. So, I listed this on Pattern Review

sold some of it. Now money in my paypal and the urge to make some new spring purses and other craft items --- I couldn't resist this collection Building Blocks and Peas & Carrots by American Jane plus a few other prints including Heather Bailey's Freshcut (just 3 pieces)!

Anyone else do this? I did rationalize it, the money wasn't coming out of the monthly budget, just out of my paypal "fun" money! Now to start stalking the mailman, I have many things on the way
  • cards from Etsy
  • birthday presents for college girl
  • fabric from Needle Nook
  • slipcovers for chairs

I think that is all but the night is still young, I might get more. No, better not, I will keep telling myself that!!


  1. I tend to get more, but without getting rid of the old stuff first. . . I love the American Jane fabrics (especially the tape measure print).

    Not to be an enabler, but have you seen the Japanese fabrics at http://www.superbuzzy.com/ ? I almost bought the russian nesting doll prints, but made myself resist. I hope they are sold out now. . .

  2. I admit that I've done that before too. I also have rationalized that the money in the PayPal is my "fun" money and turned right around and spent it on more fabric or patterns.

    I like the new fabrics you purchased.

  3. I agree - PayPal is fun money! I usually go for patterns or fabric with it, too. I can't wait to see the goodies you get in the mail!

  4. The American Jane at my LQS is running out, as is Freshcut. That is reason enough in my mind to buy it. :o)

  5. i have not sold any fabric, but i really need to. :) perhaps when i get a little free, i'll snap a few photos and see what happens. good luck w/ your sale and your planned projects.